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Where is your Property located in Spain and what is there to do?

When searching for a spanish villa, investment property, finca, townhouse or apartment we can imagine that you want to know a little more about the Spanish region the property is located in. We sincerely believe the Costa Blanca region is one of the nicest parts of the world! The Costa Blanca region is indeed everything you imagine – and more! All that you seek is here: history, culture, sport, nightlife, relaxation, great eating and drinking, and, of course, the sun and the sea and the beaches. In Spain you will also find lots of beautiful properties and authentic buildings such as fincas and townhouses which still breathe the Spanish atmosphere.

Spanish shores sea beaches and much more?

From the shores of the Mediterranean to the grandiose sierras of the interior, the Costa Blanca provides you with a wide variety of natural surroundings – rice paddies, salt flats, Mediterranean forests, deep ravines and gorges, mountain streams, hidden coves along the coast …The coastline offers clean transparent waters, with beaches covered in fine golden sands or wave-worn shingle, impressive cliffs, and delightful beauty spots. Centuries of history and culture await your discovery – from the major cities of Valencia and Alicante to the bustling and fashionable resorts of Benidorm and San Juan, to the tranquil and unspoilt villages of Castell de Castells and Tollos, the Costa Blanca is yours!

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An overview of the region
    Want a house in the northern Costa Blanca and the Marina Alta
    Not sure where you want to buy your villa? Let’s look at the entire region
    Want a home near the sea – Have a look at the Marina Baja and the Marina Alta
About the area
    The Spanish City of Valencia
    Around Valencia Province
    The City of Alicante
    Around Alicante Province
    The Tourist Information Network
    More interested in houses in the inland
    A house (a home) near the coast
The facts
    The Climate of the costa blanca region
    Article from the ‘Costa Blanca News
    Accommodation near our properties
What to see and to do
    Transport and Communications from and to your villa
    A Grand Day Out! Natural Parks and Theme Parks
    Life´s a Beach
    Festivals – Fiesta Time
    Water sports in the Marina Alta
Food, drink and shopping
    Gastronomy:Food and Drink
    Crafts and Shopping